Question: What is the number one reason citations are given?
Answer: Not having a permit displayed or an expired permit.

Enforcement of the parking regulations ensures that everyone has a fair and equitable opportunity to park on campus. Anyone in violation of the parking regulations is subject to a parking citation. Parking citations may be paid online by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express) or Knightcash, in person at the Parking and Transportation Services Office, the Visitor & Parking Information Center or by mail.

Citations not paid or appealed within ten (10) business days from the date of issuance, will incur additional penalties. Late fees will be added, a hold may be placed on class registrations, and your vehicle may be immobilized or towed from campus at your expense. Release of immobilizations will not be available after 9pm Monday through Friday.

Once a citation has been placed on the vehicle, Parking and Transportation Services personnel assumes no further responsibility of notification before the late fee is added.

Parking Citation Appeals

If you believe you have received a parking citation that is unjust, appeals must be filed online. You may request a personal appeal or file a written appeal. If you request a personal appeal, you will be given a date, time and location once the appeal is completed. The decisions of the Citation Appeals Committee will be emailed to you. Should you be required to pay the appealed citation, you will be given a new due date by which to pay. Click here for more information on appealing citations.

Tips to Avoid Citations

Many times citations given out at UCF are due to common and easily avoidable mistakes. Here is a list of tips that can help you avoid receiving a parking citation.

  • Display your valid UCF parking permit as instructed. Read mounting instructions.
  • Destroy your expired hang tag. Cutting up your expired hang tag prevents others from
    using it and having citations attached to your account.
  • Park in your designated parking area.
  • Obey posted signs and barricades.
  • Use the Pegasus Express to get around campus.
  • Pay parking meters – even if you have a valid permit. Meters may be enforced 24/7.
  • Reserved spaces and posted resident lots are restricted 24/7.
  • Don’t alter your parking permit—your vehicle will be immobilized. The fines and
    penalties for permit alteration and the immobilization of your vehicle may exceed $150.
  • Don’t share your hang tag. As the permit owner you are responsible for all parking
    citations issued to your permit.
  • Don’t block access to any disabled space or ramp and don’t park in a disabled space
    without a valid State Disabled placard (issued to you) and a valid UCF permit.
  • Don’t park on the grass or sidewalk.
  • Don’t block service drives.
  • Contact Parking and Transportation Services for any questions or clarification of

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