Vendor and Service Permits

Service / Vendor permits are available to vendors on the campus who have a need to park close to buildings to load/offload materials. Service / Vendor permits are $478.87 + tax for a calendar year or $47.89 + tax for a calendar month.

Service / Vendor permits allow parking in all Service Vehicles Only spaces and any C or D parking space or unreserved parking garage.

Service vehicle parking is in short supply in most areas of the campus. It can often be difficult to locate available spaces in service drives, since many of the departments that are located off campus purchase them for short term use. With this in mind, please limit the number of permits you request to conduct official business throughout the campus. If you do not require heavy lifting of materials, a staff hang tag can be purchased instead. These permits are not intended to be used to provide convenient parking or as an alternative to purchasing parking permits. Departments who purchase the Vendor / Service permits are specifically prohibited from allowing students to use these permits to go to class. Departments in violation of this regulation will have their permit confiscated.

Vendors must inform Visitor Center personnel of their need for a vendor/service parking permit. Please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 407-823-5813.

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