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Residential Permits

Residential parking permits “R”,”RL” and “KP” are restricted to their individual housing communities Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00am and 5:30pm. After 5:30pm and on weekends, residents may park in red, blue or green spaces or lots except 24 hours reserved or any other signed space. For maximum efficiency and ease in traversing the campus, please take advantage of the Pegasus Express Shuttles. They are comfortable and will take you where you need to go without having to look for a parking space!

R Permits


Students who live in Academic Village, Apollo and Libra Communities, must purchase R permits. R permits allow parking only in parking lots B-7 (as noted by signs); B-8; B-15 and Libra Garage.

RL Permits


RL parking is for Lake Claire residents. This permit allows parking in the designated Lake Claire (Lots H5-H9).

KP Permits


KP permits allow Knights Plaza residents convenient parking in Garage E or G.

Purchase a Permit

Where to Park:

Once you have purchased your parking permit, a few reminders about parking at UCF

  1. Visitor parking permits are valid in green student or visitor parking areas only. Click here for our parking guide map.
  2. Please park with the front (nose) of your vehicle facing the enclosed barrier lines of the parking space. We are a “nose in” parking facility.

Permit Fee Schedule

(University Regulation UCF-6.008)

Virtual Permit Fees For Residents

Permit 150-Day Permit 365-Day Permit
R (Residential) $71.91 $143.82
RL (Lake Claire) $71.91 $143.82
KP (Knights Plaza) $71.91 $143.82
Motorcycles/Mopeds $25.51 $49.99
  • A second vehicle permit may be purchased for $15. Second vehicle permit will expire on the same date as the first permit regardless on when it was purchased. Vehicle registration is required prior receiving your second parking permit.
  • Permit Prices include sales tax.
  • Please click on link to register your vehicle and purchase parking permit: The department accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Knight Cash online and in our offices.