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Effective January 30th, Parking and Transportation Services has moved to the Visitor and Parking Information Center.

Employee Permits

Employee Parking Permits

Employee permits are available to purchase through the UCF parking portal. Employees can opt to purchase their parking permit by choosing payroll deduction. Deduction amounts will appear on your paycheck earnings statement in the “before tax deductions” column. Other payment options include, cash, approved check or credit card ( we do not accept Discover).

B Permits


B permits allow parking in all designated B, C or D parking lots and unreserved garages or spaces. View here.

C Permits


C permits allow parking in all designated C or D parking lots and unreserved garages. View here.

A Permits


Reserved Permits – Only the university president, vice presidents, deans and others as approved by the Parking and Transportation Advisory committee are eligible to purchase A permits. A permits are purchased for a designated 24-hour space. Holders of A permits may park in any other legal, non-reserved, parking space on campus. Only a limited number of 24-hour reserved spaces are available.

Purchase a Permit

Where to Park:

Once you have purchased your parking permit, a few reminders about parking at UCF

  1. Visitor parking permits are valid in green student or visitor parking areas only. Click here for our parking guide map.
  2. Please park with the front (nose) of your vehicle facing the enclosed barrier lines of the parking space. We are a “nose in” parking facility.