Employee Permits

All employees must register their vehicle online. Employees may elect to pay online with a credit card or through payroll reduction. Those who elect payroll reduction may have the amount of their permit deducted from their paycheck in 6 or 10 installments. Payroll reductions are not available for the summer semester.

Employees may also elect to pay for their parking permit at the Parking and Transportation Services Office located in parking garage B using cash, check, credit card or money order.

B permits

B permits allow parking in all designated B, C or D parking lots and unreserved garages or spaces. View here.

C permits

C permits allow parking in all designated C or D parking lots and unreserved garages.View here.

Reserved Permits

Only the university president, vice presidents, deans and others as approved by the Parking and Transportation Advisory committee are eligible to purchase A permits. A permits are purchased for a designated 24-hour space. Holders of A permits may park in any other legal, non-reserved, parking space on campus. Only a limited number of 24-hour reserved spaces are available.

Traffic Updates