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Accessible Permits

Accessible parking is available for use if you have a valid UCF parking permit and display a valid state issued ADA placard or license plate. In the event that there are no accessible parking areas, you may use any valid non-reserved, non-marked parking space close to your destination. Accessible placards or hang tags must be registered in the user’s name. Individuals who possess a valid Disabled Veteran (DV) license plate are exempt from the parking permit fee provided the DV license plate is registered in their name.

If you have a temporary disability, our department does not have accommodations for temporary disabilities.

If you need a temporary disabled placard, it first must be approved by your physician. Please click on the link below for requesting a temporary disabled placard through the Florida Department of Highway and Safety Vehicles.

Florida DHS Disabled Parking Permit

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Need a permit but have no UCF ID?

Purchase a Permit

Where to Park:

Once you have purchased your parking permit, a few reminders about parking at UCF

  1. Visitor parking permits are valid in green student or visitor parking areas only. Click here for our parking guide map.
  2. Please park with the front (nose) of your vehicle facing the enclosed barrier lines of the parking space. We are a “nose in” parking facility.