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Parking Regulations

For the most current parking regulations, please click here.

Replacement Permits

May be issued for $15 for an annual permit or $7.50 for a semester permit provided the original permit is returned (even if in remnants) or proof of sale of the original vehicle is presented. Every effort should be made to keep the removed permit’s number intact. When the original permit, or sufficient remnants is not returned or proof of sale, the replacement fee shall be the full fee in effect at the time of the replacement. The full fee also applies to permits to replace those that are reported lost. The replacement fee for a stolen permit is $15.00; however, if a permit is stolen, a Parking & Transportation affidavit must be filled out at the Visitor and Parking Information Center office prior to purchasing a replacement permit.

It is to your advantage to remove any permit from a vehicle that is sold or no longer in use. Permit numbers may be used as identifiers.

Temporary Permits

Temporary parking permits must be obtained when an unregistered, substitute vehicle is being parked on campus. Temporary permits are issued at no charge and allows the same parking privileges as does the permanent decal for which it substitutes. A temporary permit may be issued for a maximum period of seven (7) days. A maximum of six (6) temporary permits may be issued to a university constituent in a single semester. Failure to obtain a temporary permit will result in a citation for registration violation. A temporary permit shall be displayed on the vehicle rear view mirror facing forward. A temporary permit is issued to a specific vehicle and is not transferable. Since hang tag permits are transferable from vehicle to vehicle, holders of hang tag permits may be issued a temporary permit for one day only.

“No Parking” Areas

Safety precautions necessitate some “No Parking” areas on the UCF campus. These areas must remain clear to permit other vehicles, to include emergency, service, and maintenance vehicles, to maneuver safely through the area. The absence of “No Parking” signs does not always mean that parking is permitted in an area. An example would be parking alongside curbed areas inside paved parking lots.

Approved Events

University Regulation UCF-4.006 prohibits loitering inside UCF parking garages or lots. Parking garages are reserved for the sole purpose of parking vehicles for academic and approved university business related events. Parties, bands and other forms of gatherings will result in trespass. A SAFE from is required for all activities on campus: