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There will be a scheduled power outage on 2/26/24 from 6am to 7am in lot D1 that will affect the EV charging stations.

Garage Availability

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Additional parking is available at parking lot B6 and 5th deck of garage E.
Certain garages may have unavailable spaces due to being reserved for an event. Additional information is available under the Parking Events section on our homepage.

Introducing Proximity Parking Zones

Parking Events

Attendees: Please register your vehicle with the digital code that was distributed to you. Reminder: Virtual permits are only valid in student parking lots and garages. These lots are marked with green signs that include the letter (D), which…
Attendees: There will be reserved spaces for this event in Garage H. Please show the parking attendant the paper pass you were provided. The pass will need to be displayed on the vehicle dashboard.