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UCF Hangtag Information

At this time, physical permits are only available to Vendors, retail affiliates, alumni applicants, interns, departmental reserved permits, and other approved customers.
For departmental permits, orders are placed via our departmental hangtag request form.
For all others, please contact us or give us a call at (407)823-5812.

  • Annual permit credentials are valid September 1st through August 31st
  • A one semester permit is valid {Approximate terms include Spring (January through May), Summer (May through August) or Fall (September through December)
  • Employees and students with valid a UCF ID number are not eligible for hangtags and must register for virtual permits
Type Pre-tax Total Amount
B – Annual $318.78 $339.50
B – One Semester $159.39 $169.75
C – Annual $190.06 $202.41
C – One Semester $95.03 $101.21
D – Annual $94.53 $100.67
D – One Semester $47.27 $50.34
RL – Annual $141.79 $151.01
RL – One Semester $70.90 $75.51
Vendor Annual $478.87 $510.00
Vendor Monthly* $47.89 $51.00

*Vendor permits are based on transaction date and are valid in-service spaces for 2 hours. For extended periods of parking, please park in designated blue (c) or green (d).

Purchase a Permit

Where to Park:

Once you have purchased your parking permit, a few reminders about parking at UCF

  1. Visitor parking permits are valid in green student or visitor parking areas only. Click here for our parking guide map.
  2. Please park with the front (nose) of your vehicle facing the enclosed barrier lines of the parking space. We are a “nose in” parking facility.