ZimRide at UCF (Carpooling)

UCF’s Zimride community is a simple way to find friends and colleagues who are going the same way you are. Zimride is a private community that makes it easy to share the seats in your car or catch a ride.

It’s simple. Have a car? Split the costs by driving fellow UCF community members. Don’t have a car? Find a ride where you need to go. You save money, protect the environment and have more fun when you ride!

Membership is free. All UCF staff, faculty, and students with a UCF email are eligible to sign-up for our private Zimride Rideshare Community here: https://www.zimride.com/ucf.

Questions about Zimride?
What is Zimride?
For too long we have driven our cars with empty seats. Zimride is a simple way to find friends, classmates and coworkers going the same way you are. Combining social networks and our proprietary route-matching algorithm, Zimride makes it easy to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. Zimride empowers you to create social, sustainable and convenient transportation. Zimride is the leading provider of online social rideshare and carpool matching systems in North America.

Why Zimride?
It’s simple! Zimriding is a fun way to get where you need to go. Connect with friends, reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

I want to find a carpool, how should I get started?

  1. Register for a Zimride account here: https://www.zimride.com/ucf
  2. Login using your UCF email or through Facebook (if you are a part of the UCF network on Facebook)
  3. Add a ride
  4. Browse matches and contact other Knights with similar commutes or one-time trips.

In just a few minutes, you can find new carpooling partners. If you don’t find a match right away, Zimride will email you when a new user posts a potential carpooling match. When setting up your ride you can also open your account to find matches with Zimride’s 350,000 other users.

Is Zimride only for my daily commute? Can I use it for one-time trips?
You can choose to share a ride on a repeating schedule or on an as-needed basis.

If I add a ride am I obligated to take anyone who requests a ride?
No, absolutely not. We recommend only offering or accepting rides from people you trust. Spend a few minutes evaluating their profile before you make a decision.

Are my potential matches limited to the UCF community?
Currently, the rides can be shared with the private UCF community, but the user has the option to share their ride information with the Public Zimride system.

The UCF Zimride administrators have the ability to add another network as a “Trusted Partner”. This will allow the user to post their ride to another community, but it is totally up to the user. If the user chooses to share their ride information with another private school network, they will have a better chance of finding a ridematch.

What should I enter in the ‘starting location’ or ‘ending location’ fields?
Enter as much information as you can about your location. Your match results will be more accurate if you include the exact address and street. You can choose to keep your exact address hidden from users while still allowing the system to make the most relevant matches. Full address example: 514 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA. Partial address example: Palo Alto, CA, USA or just 94301.

How do you determine which listings show up in the search results?
Our search formula calculates the distance that you would have to drive out of your way to pickup a passenger (or vice versa) and displays the results with the best match first. The search formula is able to find people along your route even if the other person isn’t starting or ending in the same city. You can use the calendar towards the right of the search results to browse rides on future dates.

Are there any insurance or liability issues I need to be aware of?
Insurance policies vary, and it is a good idea to check your policy — primarily the Exceptions/Exclusions portions. General liability insurance covers passengers, and most policies would not exclude carpool members, but it is worth checking. Another good reason to put in a call to your agent is to see if you qualify for a carpooling discount.

How do you split carpooling costs?
If commuters rotate the driving equally, money doesn’t have to change hands. But if only one person drives the carpool, passengers generally chip in to cover the costs of gas and parking. The amount of shared cost will vary depending on the carpool. However, some guidelines to consider include how much the driver spends on gas and wear and tear. Below is a breakdown of the average operating costs per mile.

Vehicle SizeGasMaintenaceTiresCost Per Mile

Small Sedan 8.21 cents 4.26 cents 0.61 cents 13.08 cents
Medium Sedan 10.54 cents 4.51 cents 0.87 cents 15.92 cents
Large Sedan 11.51 cents 4.92 cents 0.82 cents 17.25 cents
Average 10.09 cents 4.56 cents 0.77 cents 15.42 cents

Is there such a thing as good carpool etiquette?
Of course! Like any group effort, a carpool requires courtesy and cooperation to keep things running smoothly. Whether you are behind the wheel or just along for the ride, good etiquette is essential to keep your carpool group running smoothly. Good etiquette takes into account communication, courtesy and the safety of everyone in the carpool. It is recommended that each carpool member should have a chance to express his/her needs and concerns. Carpoolers should then agree upon on certain ground rules at the outset:

  • food, coffee, smoking and perfume/cologne usage
  • radio choices
  • how long drivers will wait for delays
  • who is notified if someone is sick
  • driving safety

Some general carpool etiquette tips are listed below for your consideration:


  • Be on time.
  • Communicate with your fellow carpoolers.
  • Drive safely at all times.
  • Keep your vehicle clean and in good condition.
  • Respect any restrictions the carpool has agreed on, such as smoking, eating or drinking.
  • Avoid wearing products with strong scents.
  • Carry through with your commitments.
  • Request changes to the schedule sparingly.
  • Have a backup plan in case the driver falls sick, goes on vacation or the car breaks down.


  • Make a habit of being late.
  • Ask your carpoolers to make extra stops along the way so you can take care of personal errands. The carpool is meant to help everyone with his or her commutes, period.
  • Bring up controversial topics like religion or politics unless previously agreed by all carpoolers to be acceptable topics of conversation.
  • Have lengthy cell phone conversations while you’re in the carpool.

Other questions or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you – contact us at support@zimride.com