Decal Mounting Instructions

It is very important to properly display your parking permit to avoid receiving a citation. Forgetting to display or improperly displaying a valid UCF parking permit is the most common, and avoidable, reason for receiving a ticket. Following these guidelines will help you correctly mount your permit and help keep your parking experience trouble free.

Daily, Visitor, Contractor, Courtesy, and Special Temporary Permits:
Daily visitors receive a temporary or Daily Permit, which must be displayed on the lower left corner (driver’s side) of your dashboard. Be sure that your permit displays the current date and you are parked in the area indicated.

Student, Staff, and Faculty Decals:
You must display your parking permit in accordance with instructions as listed below. Failure to do so may result in the issuance of citation for improper permit display.

DECAL. Affix your decal permit to the outside of the rear window on the driver’s side or on the rear bumper driver’s side. The decal must be permanently affixed to the vehicle to be valid.

HANG TAG. Display from your rearview mirror so that the permit faces outward and is clearly visible and readable through the windshield of your car while parked on campus. Hang tags are transferable from one vehicle to another; however the registered owner of the permit is responsible for any citations issued to this permit number.

Note: Hangtags are transferable from one vehicle to another. The decal must be permanently affixed to the registered vehicle.

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