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Tips to Avoid Citations

Many times citations given out at UCF are due to common and easily avoidable mistakes. Here is a list of tips that can help you avoid receiving a parking citation.

  • Display your valid UCF parking permit as instructed. Read mounting instructions.
  • Destroy your expired hang tag. Cutting up your expired hang tag prevents others from
    using it and having citations attached to your account.
  • Park in your designated parking area.
  • Obey posted signs and barricades.
  • Use the Pegasus Express to get around campus.
  • Pay parking meters – even if you have a valid permit. Meters may be enforced 24/7.
  • Reserved spaces and posted resident lots are restricted 24/7.
  • Don’t alter your parking permit—your vehicle will be immobilized. The fines and
    penalties for permit alteration and the immobilization of your vehicle may exceed $150.
  • Don’t share your hang tag. As the permit owner you are responsible for all parking
    citations issued to your permit.
  • Don’t block access to any disabled space or ramp and don’t park in a disabled space
    without a valid State Disabled placard (issued to you) and a valid UCF permit.
  • Don’t park on the grass or sidewalk.
  • Don’t block service drives.
  • Contact Parking and Transportation Services for any questions or clarification of